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Terms of Service

ToS can be revised at any time

Date: 2018

Revision B: 2.20.2021

Revision C: 12.23.2021

Revision D: 4.6.2022

Revision E: 5.16.2022

Revision F: 10.16.2023

Revision G: 12.14.2023

Age Restrictions

All clients must be of 18 years or older to commission work from the artist ( me ).

There will be no exceptions.

If for any reason the client is suspected of lying about their age their commission will be denied and refunded accordingly


Turn Around & Rush Orders

Allow 2-3 months for Art Completion

Completion time may vary due to:

  • Piece / Character Complexity

  • The Number of commissions on Queue

  • Emergencies that come up within the artist's life


Rush orders can be requested for a $10 Rush Fee.

Work days are Monday through Thursday


You may contact me about

  • Commissions

  • WIPs / Thumbs

  • Art / Queue Status

  • Concerns

Commissioners may provide an active email for Contact and File delivery.

Commissioners may also provide the artist a Discord / Telegram for Contact.

When inquiring on your commission, do not harass, belittle, or demean the artist to make your point.

It is my right to cancel and accordingly refund clients that are unnecessarily aggressive without a detailed explanation and for any reason.


Payment, Fees, & Refunds

Payments are to be made in USD only, through invoice.

Cryptocurrency is not accepted. No exception.

For the Client to secure a commission slot, a confirmation reply to the invoice must be made within 48 hours of the commission invoice being sent. The invoiced price must be made within full, before your commission can begin.

Payment plans can be discussed for orders of $100+. Commissions will not begin until paid in full.



Should the client wish to cancel their commission, a refund will be given as long at the piece was NOT completed. Completed works receive NO refunding.

I, the artist, have the right to cancel a commission at any time and issue a refund as I see fit. I am in no way obligated to work with problematic clients and do not need to give a detailed reason to you. Refunds will be based on how many hours of work were completed.


Artist and Commissioner Rights

Artist's Rights

  • As the artist I have the right to deny any commission without detailed explanations.

  • All artwork is copyrighted to the artist

  • I am allowed to post the commissioned art to portfolios, advertisements, ect.

  • I can sell merchandise, prints, ect. using the art, this will be discussed beforehand.


Commissioner Rights

  • The Intellectual Property (IP) of the character(s) belong to the character Owners.

  • Commissioners may post the art to personal sites giving proper credit to the artist.

  • Commissioners may make Non-Profit personal Prints and Merchandise using the art.

  • For-Profit merchandise is discussed case by case and requires a different ToS Contract.

  • Commissioners using art for Profit without proper discussion will be blacklisted.

  • NFTs are strictly Prohibited! Attempt at NFTs will result in blacklisting.

  • Commissioners are not to remove the Artist Signature or watermark. Any attempt will result in blacklisting.

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