Terms of Service

Date: 2018

Revision B: 2.20.2021

Turn around time is determined by

Complexity of the piece

Number of commissions on the queue

I do not do rush orders or due dates

A working, active email must be provided for contact and receiving your file(s)

Payment is due with in 24 hours of the invoice being sent to secure a slot

Terms of Service can be revised at any time

Artist & Commissioner Rights

Artist Rights

  • Artist has the right to deny ANY commission for ANY reason

    • I do not have to explain in detail why a commission is denied

  • The Artwork is Copyrighted to me (the artist)

  • I am allowed to post the art to portfolios, advertisements, ect.

  • I can sell merchandise or prints using the artwork

    • This is often discussed before Hand

Commissioner Rights

  • Intellectual Property (IP) of the character(s) belong to their owners

  • May post the artwork to personal sites as long as credit is given to the artist

  • May make personal prints / Merch NOT for Profit

    • To make for profit merch it must be discussed with me before hand

You may not remove the signature or watermark



I accept USD (United States Dollar)

I cannot accept any other currency

Payments are done through Paypal invoice

Payment is upfront before work is started on your art



If you, the client, cancel the commission Refunds are handled by the following

No work = 100%

Once work is started = 50%

However if I, the artist, cancel the commission you will be refunded in full.

There is no Refund given for completed work

NSFW / Adult content

You must be 18 years or older to ask for NSFW art

If You are asked to provide proof of age you are required to supply it or the commission will be denied.

I have the right to turn away any NSFW or Adult content commission for any Reason

Will Not Draw

(This list is subject to change and my be updated at any time)

Vomit / Scat / Water sports

NSFW art involving minors / under aged Characters

Bestiality (Feral / Human NSFW)

Hate art of others characters

My characters in situations I deem uncomfortable

Cybernetics and Robotics are a case by case Basis

Intricate clothing / Armor are a Case by Case Basis

Gore / Candy Gore are a case by case Basis

Will Draw

(This list is subject to change and my be updated at any time)

Furry / Anthro Characters

Feral Characters

Most Animal species

Humans ?

Cute things




Silly / Humorous things

If you are unsure about a topic for a piece feel free to ask me about it.