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Tremor Drafts Prices

Extra Fees

Shading $5


NSFW Edits $5 

Varies based on complexity and Size of the commission 
Solid/Graident $Free; Complex $15

Any commission can be printed and Shipped or turned into a badge; Lamination is optional
$10 US; $15 Everywhere Else  

Varies based on complexity and Size of the commission
Simple Props $Free; Large Props $That of a extra OC
Large Props include Plushies, Inflatables Ect. 

Yoki repeating Banner.png

Pixel Minis $10
50x50px Pixel full body minis

Pixel - mini Yoki.png
Pixel - mini Crunch.png
Pixel - mini Inara.png
Pixel - mini Knight.png
Pixel - mini Theron.png

Character Icon $20
+ Additional characters $10

500x500 pixels

Character Chibi $20 Flat Fee
+ Additional OC $10

[AF22] Chibi - FOR Jaxzoi - Indifferent .png
[AF22] Chibi - FOR Peppa - Free Running.png
[AF22] Chibi - FOR Sockune - Throw a real punch.png

Character Headshot $20

Character Full Body $80
+ Additional OC $40

Character Half Body $40
+ Additional OC $20

Illustration - A lil Affection.png
Illustration - The weird old couple.png
Sleepy Siblings.png

Character Refsheet $100
Includes: ONE Full Body View of your Character, Color Pallet, Eye and Paw Samples and the Character's Name, Gender and Species
Simple Background color/pattern Optional
Refsheets do
OT get shaded
+ Additional FullBody $40
+ Additional Half body $20
+ Additional Headshot $10
NSFW Edits +$5

[Ref] By Yoki - Yoki.png

Telegram Sticker $20
+ Additional characters $10

512x512 pixels


Telegram Pack Options
4 → $70
10 → $190

Add the Additional OC Fee to each sticker that contains more then one OC

Character Emotes $2o
128x128 pixels

Emote Pack Options
4 → $70
10 → $190

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