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Tremor Drafts Prices

Next Commission Opening

Please read the TOS in full before commissioning me.
TOS in full

Commissions are usually worked on
Monday through Thursday with Friday through Sunday being for other and Personal Work.

Invoices are run through Paypal or through Ko-Fi.

If you Like what I do, Tips are appreciated


Pixel Minis $10
50x50px Pixel full body minis

Pixel - mini Yoki.png
Pixel - mini Crunch.png
Pixel - mini Inara.png
Pixel - mini Knight.png
Pixel - mini Theron.png

Minis $15
200x200 pixel drawing of your OC

Mini - Ojello.png
Mini - Yoki.png
Mini - Twitch.png

Character Headshot $35 Flat Fee

Character Full Body $50
+ Complexity $5

(If applicable)
NSFW Edits Available

Artistic Liberty [Limited]
+ Complexity $5

(If applicable)
NSFW Edits Available

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